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Although my husband and I had a general idea of what we wanted, it was Lauren’s expert advice and eye for color, style and detail that made it all turn into an elegant, yet cozy, kitchen that fits our tastes, budget, and lifestyle. When things became overwhelming Lauren was able to guide us through the endless possibilities and come up with the choices that make our kitchen so special. And when one phase of the project was about to turn into a disaster, Lauren used her skills to professionally resolve the issue between the vendor and installer—immediately! I highly recommend Lauren for any project you may have.

Sarah Dekker
Montara CA


Lauren Shelby worked with me to completely redesign and redecorate my family room, living room, and dining room. She drove me on shopping expeditions; went back to the paint store until we had just the right color; and saw the job through to the last detail. Lauren is conscientious, creative, highly motivated, and caring. She did a great job from start to finish.

Sandy Emerson
El Granada CA


Lauren has assisted me in creating the most beautiful home. It is hard to believe how much warmer and inviting my home has become. Whenever anyone walks in they comment within 2 minutes how lovely and striking. My home is completely individualized to my personality, life experience, and travels. Lauren is a master of color and textiles and has become a friend vs. a vendor who assisted in choosing wallpaper. I have recommended her to a number of friends and everyone has been so delighted with the results. Lauren’s heart as well as her expertise is what makes her one of the very best.

Joan Hakes
San Francisco CA


Working with Lauren is great. She asks wonderful questions that help you figure what you really want – and she really listens to the answers. Then she helps narrow down the choices so you don’t feel overwhelmed. She doesn’t over design – but finds the most elegant, simple solutions that feel good as well as look good.

Deborah Harter Williams
Half Moon Bay CA


Lauren is a gifted designer with an uncanny knack for getting into the hearts and minds of her clients. She spent time interviewing me before we started about where I’m at in life and my vision for my ideal home. She was thoughtful and focused on delivering my dream design of a Parisian inspired apartment. She made my mental vision come to life and I’m thrilled every time I come home. Lauren took what could have been a stressful kitchen remodel and made it a pleasant experience. I don’t know what I would have done without Lauren’s help and would highly recommend her to those looking for interior design support — whatever your personal style it is well worth seeing Lauren for a consultation before taking on your home improvement projects!

Jodi Malandaras
San Francisco CA


Lauren’s touch is invaluable in creating a beautiful space. She offers a flood of wonderful suggestions, from the overall feel to small details. She’s honest about what works and what doesn’t, and gives you many solutions for each aspect of your space.

Plus we had so much fun! Her excitement about the potential for my space was infectious. She’s a doll to work with and helps you create awesome results.

Jeannie Bianchi
San Francisco CA


Lauren assisted me in identifying my goals, prioritizing my projects, staying focused and maintaining a budget. Lauren is multitalented and in addition to excellent design skills is very good with a brush and roller. She created a warm ambience with a faux finish paint application. Also, Lauren created very nice accent colors for single walls from paints I had on hand, again helping me keep to the budget and by doing so created less waste which satisfied my environmental conscience.

Donna McDonald
Half Moon Bay CA


Spaces Within speaks loudly about who you are and who you should be.
After a few consultations with Lauren Shelby, you will know how to work within your environment to improve your quality of life, peace of mind and enjoy your space. Lauren has a natural knack for what works in your space. She is a real professional at what she does. I highly recommend her consultations.

Seth Affoumado
Daly City CA


Talk about an eye for details and design. Lauren Shelby of Spaces Within has got the ‘IT’. To witness her in action, is what I imagined Michelangelo could have looked like while painting his Sistine Chapel.

She really gets into her clients during initial consultation to find out what their hopes might be, and then turns them into reality. From design, to planning, to execution, if you ever wondered what happened to professionalism these days, Lauren Shelby WILL renew your faith.

If you want the interior of your abode to look good, call some other interior designer. If you want the interior of your castle to look the way you imagined, you must call Spaces Within.

John Kim
San Francisco CA