It is personally and professionally fulfilling to work with clients to uncover their style/sensibility to articulate a space that is a reflection of those who live there; a space that provides sanctuary and inspiration.  It is a process that requires trust and I am honored every time a client places that trust in me.

At the inception of Spaces Within my intention was to combine the practice of interior design with a massage practice; both modalities require a great deal of reciprocal trust and compassion.  Massage and interior design are healing practices that provide a platform for transformation.

From the simplest re-design with your existing furnishings to the most complex large scale remodel, I collaborate with you to design a space that is tailored to suite your unique needs and desires, bringing a fresh perspective and new energy to your home.  My goal is for you to feel wonderful every time you enter your Space Within.




I invite you to call to discuss your project.  650.712.4491

*In-home appointments are available for Massage:  60 min  75 min  90 min