Execute Your Project

Furnishing Selection & Specification

style, color, fabric, finish, size, details
Balancing the practicalities of daily living and great aesthetics.


Custom Furniture

style, details, color, finish, size, fabrication
An ideal way to bring that extra something special into your space; a creation that is unique to you.


Custom Window Treatments

style, details, designed for each location/window/space, color, fabric, finish size, fabrication
An investment worth spending the time to get just right.


Kitchen & Bath Remodeling

lighting, cabinets, counter-tops, tile, stone slab, solid surface materials, appliances
Kitchens and Baths sell and beautify homes.  So whether you intend to sell your home or keep it forever, these are great areas to invest in.  These are rooms you spend a great deal of time in and you want them done right.  We help you transform these spaces by ensuring they have all of the practical functions that fit your lifestyle as well as the beauty and aesthetic presentation that brings you the most joy and happiness.  We are also mindful of making changes that add value to your home and help you realize the largest overall return on investment (ROI) possible.


Color & Finish Consultations / Selections

paint (walls, ceilings, trim & more), flooring materials, wall finishes, cabinets, hardware, lighting
Construction finishes and paint choices are among the most difficult to be clear about.  The market is flooded with a multitude of choices spanning all price points.  We can narrow these choices for you to match them to your specific project.  This helps you make a clear decision that you are comfortable with and enthusiastic about.


Site Installations

completed styling, accessories, artwork
We work with a number of artists and galleries in order to bring the most wonderful accessories and artwork to you and your space.


Vendor Coordination

direction, management, liaison
We can manage all vendors you may have or need.  This helps save you time and frustration as well as bringing about the vendors’ very best work.