Uncover Your Vision

Interior designers are story tellers; we tell your story through your environment. We all need advisers and guides in our lives… they help us see beyond our ordinary selves to the deeper, authentic selves of our inner being. As an interior designer I act as a guide and an editor to help you achieve a balance in your environment that inspires and soothes your soul.

Develop Your Concept

Your environment is an artful and thoughtful articulation of who you are, sharing visually where you’ve been, where you are and where you would like to be.

Execute Your Project

Honoring you and collaborating with you to create a warm, comfortable and inviting space is my focus. Using my guiding principles of love, integrity, balance and play, I carefully guide you through the process of transforming your environment.

It is personally and professionally fulfilling to work with clients to uncover their style/sensibility to articulate a space that is a reflection of those who live there; a space that provides sanctuary and inspiration. It is a process that requires trust and I am honored every time a client places that trust in me.

At the inception of Spaces Within my intention was to combine the practice of interior design with a massage practice; both modalities require a great deal of reciprocal trust and compassion. Massage and interior design are healing practices that provide a platform for transformation.

From the simplest re-design with your existing furnishings to the most complex large scale remodel, I collaborate with you to design a space that is tailored to suit your unique needs and desires, bringing a fresh perspective and new energy to your home. My goal is for you to feel wonderful every time you enter your Space Within.

I invite you to call me to discuss your project 650.712.4491