It is important to me that you feel heard.  My intuition and ability to listen deeply, combined with the discipline and artistry of interior design contribute to my focus on adding value to peoples’ lives.

The spaces within our walls are reflections of the spaces within ourselves, I believe that everyone deserves a place of exquisite beauty, sacred space where memories are made with family and friends.



Uncover Your Vision

Design consultations are specifically targeted to suit the clients’ desires and goals. The first step is an informal interview, usually by phone, to determine primary objectives. This conversation provides us with the next course of action.

I invite you to call to discuss your project. 650-712-4491

Develop Your Concept

Our approach is global, looking at the project as a whole as well as its intricate parts and pieces. The human component is always paramount; how the individuals relate to each other and how they exist in the space. The structure itself; how each room functions on its’ own as well as how it functions within the context of the property as a whole. Value is always an active concern; how the improvements made increase current value and affect the long term investment.

Execute Your Project

Guiding you through the process we find a balance of beauty and efficiency to fit your unique lifestyle. I offer full-service interior design tailored to your needs.

Color and Finish Consultations

Kitchen & Bath Remodeling

Furnishing Selection & Specification

Custom Furniture

Custom Window Treatments

Interior Planning

Site installations & Vendor Coordination